Marshall EL84 VLVE-00058 gold Label, PAAR

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Manufacturer: MARSHALL

Marshall EL84 VLVE-00058 gold Label, PAIR

1 PAIR (2 tubes) EL84 Marshall Gold-Label VLVE00058.
Original Marshall tube from 2010; screened by TAD.
used in the Class 5 amp but also a fine choice for Marshall 20/20, DSL201*, DSL401* and 18W type amps (1958, 1974, 2061)

availability is limited to stock quantity.

* early DSL models (made before 2004) may require extra slim envelope EL84 <22.5mm. In this special case th VLVE-00058 would require a chassis-modification to fit or to use the Ei EL84 (our part number NN471)
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