.0033uF 600V EHX Oil Capacitor

Delivery date: 7-10 days
Manufacturer: Electro Harmonix
€ 7.40

EHX Oil Capacitors are oil impregnated polyester capacitors that are enclosed in aluminum cylindrical cans that are hermetically sealed for superior performance and durability. Impregnating the capacitors in oil eliminates air bubbles between the dielectric and foil that could affect the stability of the capacitors during operation. This allows for the capacitors to operate over a wide temperature range with a very tight tolerance. Originally, oil capacitors were only used in military and precision equipment, as well as, Hi-Fi audio. Due to the rich, natural tone, they are now widely used in guitars and guitar amplifiers. They have a balanced, detailed sound with a smooth vintage top end. They will make any guitar or amplifier more responsive, touch sensitive, and refined.

Brand new production, MADE IN USA.

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