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The MESA EL34 STR 447 offers a traditional EL34 tone & feel - Very urgent and aggressive. An excellent choice for all styles of gain, especially classic rock, alternative rock & metal. This tube is true to the crown with focused low end, crushing mid range crunch and crystal-like highs. It is one of our favorites for authentic British tone. Excellent structural quality provides exceptional consistency and reliability.

Stock in: Stiletto, Road King, Royal Atlantic, Triple Crown TC-50, Triple Crown TC-100

Substitute in: MESA amps biased for EL-34s or with bias select switch

We test and match our tubes while under the stress of actual operating conditions, to the tightest, most demanding specifications in the industry with our proprietary aerospace-designed tube analysis system called Robotube. Only the absolute FINEST tubes are excepted. And then, as evidence, are backed with the best warranty in the business for a minimum of six months! Testing and Matching capacity is where confidence and true value come in. In the case of any MESA tube, you can install with complete confidence of guaranteed premium performance from the world’s leading designer of custom, hand-wired amplifiers.

Please note: It isn't uncommon for a grid leakage indication to appear when testing EL34s in certain tube testers. This does not indicate a failed condition for a guitar amplifier. Not all tube testers test for parameters relevant to a tube guitar amplifier.

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